Awards the Clinic Received

Daily Point of Light Award President H.W. Bush 2013

Tampa Bay Business Journal Health Care Heroes Award for Community Outreach 2011 Dr. AbuZarad

Heroes of Health Care Top 25 Finalists

Dr. Frisk Humanitarian Award 2014 Dr. Hiba, M.D.

WEDU Be More Award 2014 Three Categories

Tampa Bay  Business Journal Health Care Heroes Award for Community Outreach 2014 Dr. Hiba, M.D.

Hernando County Health Department Health Care Hero 2014 Barbara Sweinberg

Hernando County Medical Alliance Women Leading Social Change Barbara Sweinberg

Rotary International Spring Hill Rotary Club Practicing High Ethical Standards and Public Values

Pasco Hernando SCORE Business Development Week Grant Writing Award 2012 Barbara Sweinberg

Spring Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church Dedication for Unselfish Service Award 2014

Glen Lakes Renaissance Person of the Year 2014 Barbara Sweinberg

I Quit with AHEC for Improving the Health of Patients and Encouraging Them to Quit Tobacco 2014




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What Our Patients Have to Say about Crescent Community Clinic

The Clinic provides those of us who do not have health insurance with a much needed service. I would have to go to the hospital emergency room for help were it not for the Crescent Community Clinic’

‘The staff treated me with dignity and caring even though I am homeless’.

‘I appreciate the volunteers who provided me with the answers to my questions about diabetes. I could not afford the monitor to test my glucose levels. The GE monitor and testing strips the Clinic supplied to me is appreciated helps me to be aware of my blood levels. I will plan my meals to keep my blood levels within range’.

‘I recently lost my job and health insurance. The Clinic has been a life saver for me. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I have high blood pressure and need medication. The Clinic enrolled me in the Pharmaceutical Prescription Assistance program which supplied me with free medication’.

‘Now more than ever, with the loss of my employment, it was important to reach out to Crescent Community Clinic for mental health counseling’.

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you Crescent! Without this Clinic I wouldn’t dream where I would be. The clinic has saved my live over and over. 5 1/2 years quit smoking—I never thought I could but with the Tools to Quit’ smoking cessation program I am smoke free! I am a diabetic and without the donation of the GE monitor and supplies I could very well be dead. I am able to keep my blood levels under control. Dental issues were painful and without the Clinic I might have tooth loss, something that would hurt my very human vain side of me. Every single volunteer has been an absolute joy……. I never felt looked down upon and I have always been treated with respect’.

“I was blessed to find Crescent Community Clinic. It has given me the opportunity to finally get the answers to my chronic health conditions . For years ongoing the cure isn’t always there but the peace of mind to know you are not alone to face health issuers is priceless. The staff od volunteers have been extremely helpful and I thank the doctors and the specialists that I have een able to see. Again if it were not for the clinic, I would not be in a better place today and feel like a person of worth again’.  P.S. please give what you can to keep the clinic going’.

‘When I first came ti the clinic I was lost and confused and shy. I have been coming to the clinic for three years and although it took some time, I made progress and felt accepted by every volunteer there. I have a better understanding of where I am going in life. I am still working with the counselors and I am going forward and know that I must work to reach my goals but with the help I get at Crescent Community Clinic I will reach my goals’.

‘Dr. Hiba and Dr. Zarad saved my life and found my colon cancer. It has been several years and I am cancer free. My life ws saved by the compassionate volunteers at Crescent Community Clinic’.

‘I thank the physicians and therapists for all the health care I received. You all saved my life and thank you doesn’t say enough about my gratitude’.

‘I am 39 years old with depression and COPD. I had to quit y job due to illness and depression. However, with the help of Crescent Community Clinic I have my COPD under control with medication nd my depression is quite manageable. I have several job interviews coming up and when I get employed I will donate what I can for all the Clinic has done for me’.

The clinic hosted a homeless day and I was reluctant to come but something told me I to step out of my comfort zone and go. I was pleasantly surprised at the welcoming atmosphere and the compassionate volunteer staff I met. I continue to come for appointments and look forward to getting a job and give back’.