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By Mail
You can send your gift via mail by writing a check to the Crescent Community Clinic and sending it to:

                        Crescent Community Clinic
                        Attn: Barbara Sweinberg
                        5244 Commercial Way
                        Spring Hill, Fl 34606

Your 100% tax-deductable donation provides uninsured adults the access to free medical, dental and mental healthcare. 

How You Can Help
Did you know that if you name Crescent Community Clinic as a policy beneficiary you will avoid potential estate taxes?
Did you know that your retirement fund can be taxed up to 60 percent if passed on to heirs, yet, it is tax-free to a 501c3 non-profit organization?
Did you know that you can greatly reduce or avoid possible gift and estate tax on trust assets passing to family…if some trust income goes to a 501c3 non-profit organization for a few years?
When you are thinking of donating your resources to a charity please think of the Crescent Community Clinic and the good it does here in Hernando County. Uninsured adults, ages 18 to 64 who meet federal poverty guidelines have the opportunity to have access to free health care for their chronic health, dental and mental health issues. Our mission is to reduce use of hospital emergency rooms for non-emergent care by providing services. 

Our patients thank you for your 100% tax-deductible donation!